The Status of NAP Parenting

The Status of NAP Parenting

Engaging with the public is more than just “speaking your truth”, it’s about providing the audience with what they want and need.

Studying the landscape, we continue to find more diversity in the the positions of people in regards to parenting. This diversity in values creates a challenge in connecting.

  • We find people who appreciate the science, but are not troubled by an inconsistent philosophy.
  • We find people very familiar with the NAP, but who are not interested in the science that informs best parenting practices.
  • We find people who are hostile to the idea of discussing parenting or personal philosophy altogther.
  • We find people who condone violence in the home, or neglectful parents who act as if the only way to ensure ““doing nothing wrong” is by “doing nothing at all”!
  • The list goes on…

With the goal of doing the best we can for children and families, we are still unsure which audience our team could benefit most.  We want to have a positive effect on everyone! An ideal strategy would be to “over-produce”, and have an abundant basket of original and shared content valuable to anyone.

This is not how we have been doing things, so a change in mindset and workflow is due! Producing and maintaining such a volume of content requires major commitment, and comes with serious costs. So the discussion here is “how will we generate the time and energy to do this right?”

Thanks to those of you who have been supportive of our crawling-before-walking efforts. We still have a lot to learn about doing it, but we are committed to providing you with tools that will increase the joy and ease in your most important relationships.

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