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Blog PG "You want to be comfortable, so you scramble for ground, and often that is blaming someone else, attacking someone
We love finding commonality with government agencies, perhaps we are truly entering a golden age! The Centers for Disease Control
Recall that it was just Dec 2018 that the American Academy of Pediatrics finally recommended that parents stop spanking altogether.
Your energy can be devoted far more productively to collaborating with your child on solutions to the problems that are Using force or fraud to take life is murder. To take liberty is slavery. And to take property is
A response: " A huge first step in a movement to promote the civil rights of children is to show
What's this? A law that protects individual rights to life and liberty? How quaint! SC lawmakers consider "Free Range Parenting bill"
The 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) reminds us that children are full human beings
This thoroughly-researched article comes from Peter W. Adler, the Legal Advisor for Attorneys for the Rights of the Child and appears in