NAP Parenting (often referred to as Peaceful Parenting) is a style of parenting that adheres to the Non-Aggression Principle.

The NAP is an ethical stance which asserts that “aggression” is inherently illegitimate or immoral. Aggression is defined as the initiation of force against persons or property, the threat of such, or fraud upon persons or their property.

We aim to make the case for adopting this moral framework, and then focus on discussing its applications within the family.

We invite you to submit comments and criticisms to all of our posts in hopes that we can better each other and the lives of all children through honest conversation.

The case for NAP Parenting (in one page)

Here you’ll find our ‘manifesto’, a condensed argument for the NAP and its use in the home. A good place to start for newcomers.

Recent Posts

Wise Parenting Uses Natural Consequences, Not Artificial Ones Imposed by Force

The only cases in which consequences imposed by force are called for (other than to immediately save life, limb, and liberty) is, with children as with adults, when in a proportional and restitutional response to force initiated by the child. Simple! ...
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The Status of NAP Parenting

Engaging with the public is more than just “speaking your truth”, it’s about providing the audience with what they want and need. Studying the landscape, we continue to find more diversity in the the positions of people in regards to parenting. This diversity in values ...
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To Spank or Not to Spank: Dr. Phil on Discipline

Dr. Phil knows how to sell lifestyle changes. Effective public influencers use these methods: Use humor liberally. Establish clear definitions, using real life examples: “Spank my hand.” Be clear and direct with the message. Short, sweet, memorable: “It confuses the child and it teaches them ...
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Bedtime battles: flip the script

Amelia Bowler is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. You can find her blog here: ameliabehaviour.com. She offers a free phone consultation and knows her stuff! Thanks to Leanne Page for introducing us! We really liked her post about bedtimes here. A very thorough and research-based approach ...
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How To Be Liked│10 Tips By A Board Certified Behavior Analyst

This is where we're heading. Using the science of behavior, of mindset, and influence to get on your child's team and encourage their very best. Funny he keeps saying he doesn't know if there's research behind all of this. There is! Maybe he's just being ...
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Kids show adult-like intuition about ownership

The NAP is dependent on the concept of self-ownership. We see the concept throughout common law, it's easy to argue for and exemplify, and we have evidence here that children begin intuiting the concept of ownership at a very young age. If you agree that ...
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When Is Violence Acceptable?

Studies show lesser educated folks are more likely to accept and promote domestic or interpersonal violence. Higher educated folks are more like to accept and promote state-sponsored violence. Pick your poison ...
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The Science of Bullsh*t

Philosophy comes first here. We use ethical philosophy as well as science (another branch of philosophy) to be the best parents we can be. Lies, superstition, and bullshit are our enemies. Here is a scientific examination of the sources of bullshit, and what we might ...
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The Gottman Institute

Research-based parenting and relationship tips, an active blog. "It's not IQ, it's how the kid gets along with other children..." - Dr. G ...
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We are a small group of writers, educators, and parents who are dedicated to living and spreading the NAP in homes around the world.

This issue effects people of all races, genders, and socio-economic statuses. We’ve all been children, and everyone’s childhood greatly influences their adulthood. Imagine a generation raised without being yelled at, stolen from, and hit by the people they love and depend on. Fortunately, this is a movement that we can all affect today, because it starts at home and among the families we’re already connected to.

We need your help. Please join us in the current frontier of the age-old fight for basic human rights for all people. We’re fighting for the group that can not fight for themselves, and whose lives we have the most control over. Join the conversation! We need your best arguments (for and against), and most passionate public efforts to create the groundswell of popular opinion that ends the acceptance of aggression toward children for good.