The Corruption of Power

  1. Power corrupts.
  2. The most power over anyone that the average person will ever have is their power over their children.
  3. Liberty, voluntaryism is the antidote to corruption.
  4. Liberty is protected and defined by moral codes; the NAP.

Conclusion: In order for us to protect our children, we must recognize our inherent and vast power over them, and the potential for it to corrupt our treatment of them. By extending to them the protections of the NAP, of the right to be safe and secure in their bodies and property, and by having a standard to check and restrain our own temptations towards aggression, we ensure that they enjoy freedom to grow and learn in a safe and rationally consistent environment. Not only will this better protect them from future aggressors, and from becoming aggressive themselves, it is the valid, rational moral position. It is the right thing to do.